Why CrossFit Lakshya?

  • For starters, CrossFit Lakshya is the ONE and ONLY CrossFit Facility in all of Noida. CrossFit Lakshya is affiliated to CrossFit Inc. USA.
  • Coaches at CrossFit Lakshya are passionate individuals committed to you, and your fitness goals.
  • Fitness programs at CrossFit Lakshya are not just restricted to sculpting mirror muscles. We believe in functional fitness. We build athletes out of average Joe’s. Our training modules burns fat, adds layers of lean muscle. Muscle that makes you run faster, hit harder, lift heavier and look great with or without your clothes.
  • CrossFit Lakshya is not just a gym. It’s a lifestyle. We believe in eating clean, training hard! And breathing FIRE! Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching is part of the parcel.
  • CrossFit Lakshya is a committed community of individuals that propagates health and fitness. A community that motivates and holds you accountable to your goal of becoming a better version of yourself, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  • So it doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife, a couch potato, a stud athlete in your college, a business executive or a grandfather. CrossFit training will give you an edge. Don’t believe me? TRY OUT A TRIAL CLASS AND FIND OUT.
  • * Trial class is charged at 700 INR, which is adjusted in your membership fee once you sign up.