About Us

CrossFit Lakshya is ONE and ONLY! CrossFit facility in all across Noida. Affiliated to CrossFit Inc. USA. Spanning a solid 2200 sq ft  it’s a strength and conditioning facility that employs the CrossFit training methodology to turn average Joes into Elite athletes.

Our training module blends, weightlifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardio. The best bit we never repeat workouts. Everyday is a fresh challenge that shapes you physically, morphs you mentally and strengthens you spiritually.

CrossFit Lakshya is not a gym, it’s a way of life. Our force is our fantastic community of athletes who are committed to eating right, training hard and constantly improving themselves.

We sweat, strive and succeed together. At CrossFit Lakshya there is no room for ego or judgement. We propel fitness through positivity. The elite and the rookie athlete walk hand in hand. At CrossFit Lakshya the last person finishing the workout gets the loudest of cheers.

CrossFit Lakshya forges bodies that are both SHOW and GO!

It doesn’t matter what your age is. What your athletic abilities are. Whether you are a sports stud or a couch potato. If you want to be strong, shredded, and athletic enough to conquer what life throws at you, CrossFit Lakshya is your pit stop.

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