Know Your Coach

Kailash Menon is the Founder & Head Coach at Crossfit Lakshya. Crossfit Lakshya as the name suggests has been the mission and true purpose of his life.

His endeavor through Crossfit Lakshya is to help as many people irrespective of their age or athletic abilities attain their fitness goals.  Instill in them, a positive lifestyle of eating clean, training hard and help them discover themselves /find meaning in their lives through CrossFit.

Prior to starting Crossfit Lakshya, Kailash was a television anchor and producer and has worked with premier English news channels (CNN-IBN,TIMES NOW, NDTV) in a career spanning close to 10 years.

Somewhere along the way he found his TV job lacking any meaning or purpose.   During this period of corporate disillusionment, aimless wandering on the internet led him to

His first CrossFit workout “CINDY” was a rude reminder that aesthetics (looking good) and athletics (performing well) are two different things.

Since then, he has been hooked…For Life… He believes with every fiber of his being that CrossFit delivers true fitness.

Consumed by his passion for CrossFit, and a lack of any professional fitness facility in Noida he discovered his deeper purpose.

He quit his comfortable TV job and took the leap. Completely committed himself to start the first CrossFit box in Noida, with a deeper purpose of touching peoples life and helping them live a fuller life through fitness.