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Prior to CrossFit I trained with a personal trainer at a globo gym chain for 7 years, which ended up being a waste of my time, energy and money.

This was a very high-end personal training from the head trainer of this gym, which costed me 12,000 for fifteen days for seven years.

I was put on disgusting diets, which were a quick fix, but were not sustainable or realistic, and eventually more weight piled on. For months I ate a starvation diet of steamed vegetables, pumpkin juice and no salt after 5pm. Such rigid calorie restriction did more harm than good.

The trainer never checked my form and instead of giving any personal attention, I was asked to run up and down the gym staircase in the name of a workout. Going to the gym was a dreadful thought and my trainers did little to motivate me to think otherwise. The workouts were monotonous and I was put off by the word exercise or gym.

What I love about CrossFit is that there is no scope for boredom. Everyday is a new workout and we hardly repeat workouts. The biggest plus point is that I look forward to exercising.

In the past six months, I have lost 6 kilos and 12 inches off the waist while eating the food that I enjoy eating and training regularly. I have become much more aware in terms of what I eat and that alone is a valuable lifestyle change for me.

I had flexibility issues, but post CrossFit training I can squat below parallel. My stamina and endurance has also increased, I used to take 17 minutes to run a mile, now I finish a mile in 12 minutes. The nutrition guidance and eating clean has helped me manage my thyroid effectively.

In CrossFit, one always strives to be better with the form and movements rather just focusing on time.

The dedication with which Kailash explains and teaches each movement is exceptional. The quality of coaching is much better than any personal training experience I’ve had. His style of coaching is adaptive, positive and growth oriented.

It’s a misconception to think that CrossFit is for athletes only. In my opinion, it’s for everyone who loves a good workout and wants a supportive community. You never train alone here and are surrounded by positive people who go through the same grind as you. I would recommend it for anyone who is struggling to get fit and healthy.

Aarushi Prakash
26, Researcher

ritu testimonial 1

My first brush with discomfort or pain were around the early 90s when i was flying. My neck got stiff and a few sessions of physiotherapy ‘fixed’ me enough to go back to my flying duty.

After the birth of my son Zubair, which happens to be the happiest “event’ of my life, I had my first episode of a spinal problem. One fine day i could not move.

Decided to go in for a Ayurvedic Potli massage + medicine = 21 smelly low days!! However, i felt pain free and got my normal life back.

To shed my post natal weight off, i joined an Aerobics class and then a gym. After a couple of weeks, my left knee & then the right gave up. Though the trainers were giving personal attention, I doubt they had the expertise & the knowledge required to fathom the inner mechanism of the machine called the Human Body. I quit both because I got scared. Yoga seemed to be the only safe & slow path to be fit for a weak spine such as mine so i hired a teacher to teach at home.

However, my back again collapsed in 2007 and this was a MAJOR setback as it was the agonizing killing Sciatica nerve which entered my life as an unwelcome guest. It took a huge game changing toll on my life- i quit my dream job as i was in too much pain to commute to Gurgaon daily.

It took 5 months of medicines + physiotherapy + swimming to stand straight on my feet without my new BFF- Sciatica pain!! The list of stuff that i ‘COULD/ SHOULD never do again was a mile long-no forward bending, never lift anything, road trips seemed like torture etc etc

It never stopped me from searching for a “TRUE TRAINER” whose calling was nothing but to share & lift a sagging weak spirit trapped in a weaker body. With doubts & apprehension, I signed up with Kailash after meeting him for 15 minutes. I haven’t looked back since.

He is so dedicated and passionate about functional training that from the 1st day itself, it began to dawn on me what a contrast it was to physically push one’s body under his competent instructions & guidance. I surprised myself every single day & week by week, he addressed all my weak points and introduced WEIGHT!!!! training to strengthen my lower back & core muscles. I felt ‘DAVID’ turning to ‘GOLIATH’!! Yipeeeee!!! Proud as a peacock!!! I had muscles forming in my fictitiously weak frame….UNBELIEVABLE!!! I was beating my own expectations!! I was doing a 100 squats plus a 2 dozen burpees plus a few hundred skips, some mile runs….. AWEFANTASTISOME!!!! I was running a hundred steps with heavy groceries without batting an eyelash.

No more damsel in distress scenario was gonna set it for ME….. some ‘jerks were sure to be in distress’ if there was EVER a situation. God bless Kailash. I got my best friend, my brother and my husband to come for his training and trust me, people, you will benefit more than words can say. Jump in and sweat all the way to the FITTEST, MOST ENERGETIC & POSITIVE YOU and yes, all your ‘thank yous’ in the future are welcome!!

Ritu Saigal
43, Homemaker
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There is sweat, heated grunts, a coach who pushes you further and a mind that tells you to reach for the next PR. Crossfit has unleashed itself like a compulsive obsession in my life. From being a regular gym goer whose personal fitness swung between motivated bouts and periods of laziness, Crossfit is like a punch in the face.Today Crossfit Lakshya is a permanent fix in my day my daily pill of WOD that I look forward to…even if it means working out in my office gear! The Box is space that makes work uncluttered.

Here there are no fancy mechanised jumbos, all you have is the ground and your own body. Fitness is no more about that look in the mirror (there are no mirrors to distract you anyway), rather it is how strong you feel from inside. Crossfit is all about battling the aches and pushing your mind and body to achieve higher levels of fitness. Crossfit Lakshya and Kailash have helped me discover a fitter me.

Aniruddha Samanta 34, 

Business Head-Thomson Reuters  



To be honest , initially I was quite apprehensive about joining crossfit given my level of fitness.But talking to Kailash ( coach at CF Lakshya) subdued my anxiety. Although it’s only been 2 months roughly, since I started- I can see a marked difference in my strength levels as well as body structure/tone.

Kailash is hands down the best coach/friend and mentor you can ask for and unlike the ‘globo gyms’ which are run like a business he is dedicated to a cause. Therefore, if one is interested in achieving not only an aesthetically pleasing body but also strength, mobility and proper form/ posture … This place is your destination. You don’t need to think twice…Cheers !!!

Damini Hajela

Lawyer, Supreme Court Of India





Crossfit Lakshya fundamentally changed my notion of fitness. Years I spent in a conventional gym felt sheer wastage of time and money after experiencing what amazing has crossfit done to my mind and body. Crossfit as a training format is far comprehensive and effective, both in terms of conditioning and strength.

Fitness is certainly not an overnight miracle. To learn crossfit workout movements and experience visible results it takes around a month’s time. To get desired fitness results, it is extremely important that fundamentals of crossfit movements are correctly grasped and mastered.

For me, undoubtedly Kailash has been the best trainer so far, who I feel is at par with any top international trainers. He is very passionate and professional about what he is doing and knows really well his job. He is attentively overseeing everyone throughout the training session which feels like being trained by a personal trainer. He’s all the right information to give for bettering diet and improving lifestyle. For having been trained by him for 6 months now, I feel crossfit has taken me to my fittest best.

Besides, crossfit is a lot of fun as everyone workout in a group and that certainly is great motivator against burning out. I wouldn’t just suggest but strongly recommend everyone to join CrossFit Lakshya.

Abhiuday Chandra, Lawyer


“Fitness is not about being better than someone else… it is about being better than you used to be.” This is what Kailash Menon told me when I first spoke to him. I was so skeptical about CrossFit earlier. I have never been a ‘gym’ person, NEVER… and I expected CrossFit Lakshya to be exactly like a gym. However, I was in for a pleasant surprise when I first paid a visit—there are no machines! And no mirrors, too!

It’s been about six weeks that I began training under Kailash’s guidance… and a person like me who gets easily bored, I am so thrilled about the fact that each day we are doing different workouts. That kicks boredom right out of the door! It is not just about the workouts alone.

The camaraderie that grows from performing the workouts within a group is what makes this exercise experience so unique. Kailash ensures that no one is feeling left-out! He is an excellent coach-cum-mentor-cum-friend. He is one of the most knowledgeable coaches and is always motivating you to do better than the last time. He customizes the workouts for each one of us depending upon our fitness level.

To anyone who’s thinking about taking that first step towards a better fitness regime, nothing could be better that CrossFit.

Anubha Verma, Working Professional


Well to start , I have been struggling with my obesity for past 6yrs , and trust me I have been gymming swimming walking 10km a day power yoga but everything was a yo-yo and not being able to carry my own kid was depressing

At crossfit Lakshya the workouts are constantly changing evolving and make you come back for more, everyday is different keeping you enthusiastic and the warm up alone is some people’s entire workout . Kailash the trainer really works hard with you never gives in to anyone’s whining or excuses keeps a mark of every movement you make.

The community out here is great ,friendly fun and very supportive.. The second you say ” I can’t ” they will tell you YES U CAN and help you through the WOD

With 10 wks at crossfit lakshya from zero pushups 3 skips n grumpy squats n not being able to carry my my 16kg kid to lifting 65kgs bar n being able to do the rest of the above and most importantly mamma can now carry her kid around in the mall . Mamma Godi does not scare me anymore
And ladies weights will not make you large pizzas burgers n etc r for that n if you think buildings muscle was that easy have a look at all then men around you …at least I don’t c Arnold john abrham salman khan everywhere.

Shabih Mazhar Khan, Plastic Surgeon


I heard about Crossfit as a form of training. I read about it and I watched some of it on the Internet .. But never got myself to really go and give it a shot.
Tried gym’s , open air functional trainings , Yoga etc but every single thing bored me. Routine wanted me to just break free. If I overslept , I overslept – never found a way to undo the missed session at the gym or re visit that Yoga instructor whose thought only would put me back to sleep.

Today , while I write this little note itself , I smile. Because in just a month and a half – I’m none of the above.
I’m so so so glad I picked up the phone and called Kailash and heard that one line –
– I did and and I do everyday.

Crossfit has become a way of life and an integral part of me everyday existence . Mornings I can’t make it , has me restless the entire day , and this kick , high and madness makes me find a slot in the evening.

Kailash is only one. I’ve found him and not letting him go – he’s that one force that binds the entire lot of us mad crossfitters together. The silent demeanour but what a vibe.
When I say he’s THERE , I mean it.
Never is a posture not corrected if wrong and never is that fist bump not given on a session end.
Coming to differences – the cellulite is on its way out. The tone in the body is talking away to glory and I feel so brilliantly positive it’s unbelievable.
There was a time when work out for me was only weight loss and looking skinny — today its strength , positivity , fitness and a big smile that ought to be spread wherever I find myself 🙂
Thanks Kailash you’re a total stud !

Prathna Chaturvedi, Working Professional



Writing this review on Dusshera, did not choose the day intentionally but the day no doubt is an apt one. Let’s celebrate the victory of fitness and strong mind over the evil of unhealthy living, laziness and negativity.

Crossfit Lakshya is no doubt the best place to start your journey towards that victory.

The coach, Lord Commander – Kailash and the tribe, all the athletes of the box, are the best people to work out with. You enjoy doing those 210 burpees in a row, which I’m sure nobody thinks they can on their own. You’ll build strength way beyond your imagination, yes a 50 kg girl can lift 70kgs and more. Laziness will surely go out the window once an athlete has called you out for some crazy challenge, believe me you will take it up without a thought.

I started working out long before I joined Crossfit Lakshya but it’s only after I got to know the coach and the athletes here did I start enjoying the kick ass workouts. So all you fitness freaks in Noida do give this place a try and you would not want to go anywhere else.

Surbhi Gupta, Working Professional


I have to write this today :). It’s been 2 months for me at Crossfit Lakshya today and I have broken so many personal barriers..

I have never enjoyed working out so much before. I don’t stress about my weight or my food. The community is so encouraging of each other and things that I never thought I could even try, I have done and smashed because of all the cheering and positivity.
I lift weights that I only awed at before and I feel muscles where there was all fat. Thank you for changing my notion of fitness and for giving me my morning dose of happiness, Kailash Menon 🙂

Payal Mahajan, Endodontist



My biggest challenge in improving my health (not just limited to shedding kilos) was being consistent about exercising. Routines at gyms and yoga studios were exciting to begin with but soon got repetitive, and hence boring. For me, the key difference between CrossFit and the rest, was it’s ability to keep me hooked on.

Each day is a new challenge and each WOD brings with it a feeling of “nothing can be tougher than this” only to be proved wrong in a couple of days. With each passing day, you will be surprised what your body is capable of achieving, transforming you into a better version of yourself. Other than setting innumerable personal records (including 500 burpees in one go) over the last three months, I have made some great workout buddies – a community which pushes you to not give up every time you feel like you can’t continue and giving you company in your misery in the middle of WODs.

Leading this pack, is the very focused and committed one-man army – Kailash, who makes sure that your journey from day one is the start of a healthy lifestyle both in terms of physical exercises and nutrition. His ability to meaningfully engage and contribute to the growth of each athlete is commendable –leading to tangible results in only a few months.

In a nutshell, a place which makes functional fitness coupled with the right nutrition a priority in your life and most importantly, you get there while having so much fun 🙂

Nusrat Khan, Working Professional




It is a fact that I joined CrossFit Lakshya on a whim. Despite never having tried anything like crossfit and being out of form due to serious injuries, I still felt motivated to join because of the strong positive vibes I got from coach Kailash Menon and CrossFit Lakshya. I was instantly impressed with Kailash’s clarity and confidence as a coach and his warm, simple personality. It was reassuring that we shared the same ideas about fitness – it isn’t about getting figure ready for one party but making fitness a way of life and a state of mind.

In the beginning, I was rigid in body and mind about attempting anything even slightly challenging due to my injuries. Far from pushing me into rigorous workouts, Kailash worked on allaying my fears about being able to achieve anything meaningful after so many injuries. Calming me whenever I doubted whether my snail paced progress would take me to the fitness levels I aspired for. Kailash played the role of a coach, counselor and friend to the T – putting FAITH into me that we can achieve amazing things – one day, one meal, one wod at a time!

A huge strength of CrossFit Lakshya is the community – accomplished yet down to earth, held together by our camaraderie and common passion – crossfit. Team workouts are a sight to behold in our box – the energy is electric, the excitement is infectious and nobody finishes last because the community is continuously rooting for you. We are quite a pack outside of the box too. Cheers to us – the CrossFit Lakshya FAMILY.

I have worked out in other groups in the past and have always found that the coach’s attention tends to get diluted. However, Kailash has a hawk eye on all the athletes, because hitting the right form is a clear priority over completing reps. Irrespective of what fitness level an athlete is at, you only get better. Because at CrossFit Lakshya there are no shortcuts or benchmarks. Only patient persistence to reach your higher level of FITNESS.

So, in my 5 months and counting at the box, 7.5 kgs lighter, visibly slimmer but more importantly, fitter, more confident and surrounded by friends, I cherish more what CrossFit Lakshya has brought into my life – FAITH, FAMILY & FITNESS. May our tribe grow.

Ganga Amritesh, Homemaker



As a keen fitness consumer and an avid reader of fitness, i was long aware of Crossfit. I had a cousin who was part of the 1st box in India in Bombay, and used to rave about it. I briefly considered joining it, but well the Box was a little far, and then i had my running and parkour groups to keep me busy and fit. Life chugged along.

Then I hit 40. Moved to Noida.

My fitness regime changed. I was now working out or running alone. And as work intruded into my schedule, I started skipping the occasional workout. My workouts got slower and less intense. My diet worsened. I added 7 kilos.

It was time for some action. And i scrambled through a personal coach (who wouldnt show up himself sometimes) and a gym in Delhi (too far, too impersonal). Things didnt improve. Then i landed at Crossfit Lakshya.

From the very first conversation, i had with Kailash, the Box owner and Chief Coach, I knew that he was different from the usual set of coaches. There is of course a deep understanding of the lifts and exercise programming, but more importantly, there is huge empathy in Kailash; to understand you, your objectives and to ensure that you are on track.

The keeping you on track part is well-supported by the community at the box. Every box is as good as the group of people who make it. And in Crossfit Lakshya we have a raucous boisterous group who cover each other’s back. Sure all that enthusiasm can be a overwhelming sometimes. But when you are on the last few mins of an AMRAP, it is those shouts that push you to overcome the pain and bung in that extra rep. And another.

Along with the Coach Kailash and the community, comes the 3rd C, and that is Crossfit itself. I wont go too much into this – there are enough websites and youtube videos to tell you what Crossfit is – but suffice it to say that over a couple of weeks, the workouts will hit every muscle in your body, and train you in diverse movement patterns, building all round fitness.

Thanks the coach, the community and crossfit itself, i am enjoying my workouts. I am getting fitter. And stronger. And conscious of the fact that I spend only 1 hour in the box, but 23 hours outside, I am also getting aware of what i eat, when i sleep. Fitness isnt an hour in the gym or the box. Fitness is what you do your entire life.

Come to Crossfit Lakshya; and get started on life.

Sajith Pai, Working Professional