What is CrossFit?

Content Courtesy: CrossFit Inc.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning programme, developed by Greg Glassman based on functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit is universally scalable and can be done by anyone and everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. At the core of it, crossfit is CONSTANTLY VARIED, FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS performed at HIGH INTENSITY.

Sounds like Greek? Well here is CrossFit in Queen’s English.

CONSTANTLY VARIED (CV): Constant variance means we rarely repeat workouts. Routine is the enemy. Routines and set patterns hinder athletic progress and fitness. So no more back and biceps or chest and tricep days. CrossFit mixes weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio conditioning in as many variations as possible. You don’t know what the workout is until you land up at the CrossFit box. So if are bored out of your skull by your soulless treadmill sessions and boring gym routines CrossFit’s constantly varied nature will be a revelation and a fun way to get fit.

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENTS (FM): And yes, it employs full body functional movements. So we jump, squat push, pull, press, run, lunge and hinge. There are no gym machines or gym movements like a bicep curl or a leg extension either. All exercises are based on functional movements that are etched in our DNA. Movements that we perform in our day to day activities.  Training functional movements at the gym improves the overall quality of your life outside of it.

HIGH INTENSITY (HI): Intensity is the last piece of the puzzle. The way we amp up intensity is by trying to do more work in less time. For eg 100 push ups in an hour is a walk in the park, but 100 push ups in 5 mins , Well that’s INTENSE. CrossFit staple workouts last anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes because it’s scientifically proven that short spurts of intense exercise promotes fat burn, muscle gain and overall awesomeness as compared to long and slow aerobic training.